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Don't wait until it breaks down, service your motor regularly to avoid    costly problems.  Don't ruin your time on the water.

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You don't want to be in the shop when everybody else is enjoying their boats. Let us help you stay afloat!

This is one of our highly trained staff!!

"Duke" is on a water test!!!  Making sure your boat is done right    and ready to enjoy! Quality control at its best.

On a more serious note:

Customer service and your satisfaction are top priority for us . We are dedicated to bringing you the best information available about boats, engine repair and maintaience. So that you can make the informed decisions and make your boating more fun.

We have an on going commitment to keep up with the latest tools, equipment and service manuals. The procedures to keep your boat in top shape seem to be changing daily. Fuel injection, HPDI, four stroke outboards and computerized ignition all demand more than just a "shade tree" approach.We want you to enjoy your boat , not curse it.


 It takes diagnostic equipment and experience to get real information you can use. It is costly to simply randomly change parts. If you don't know why it failed then it will fail again. We feel you need to know why there was a problem, what will it cost and how to avoid more of the same problems in the future.
Most of our clients are repeat customers or they have been referred by other customers, and they know from experience that we stand by our service commitment.

 Engines today are more and more complex and computerized. Many problems are very difficult to locate without the proper equipment. We carry lap top and diagnostic software on our van to access the CPU  of most makes. It will tell of any faults, codes or problems. It will also give the history of the motor since it was taken out of the box. This saves time and money on repairs. For anyone buying a used motor that has a CPU it can give a true look at how it has been used and maintained.

Our customers are number one!

We would really like to hear from you. If you have any questions about maintaining your boat or motor please contact us, we want to help.